Welcome to Kollel Eitz Pri

Welcome to Kollel Eitz Pri


About Kollel Eitz Pri

Eitz Pri is no standard afternoon kollel…it’s an exciting blend of deep learning and personal development, through mussar and avoda. Our approach to Torah growth is both innovative and totally authentic.

Learn halacha be’iyun – from ‘pasuk to posek’ so clearly that you can teach the trickiest of halachos to others.

And dive into mussar seforim to discover deep insights into yourself and your life’s mission.

Ever dreamt of teaching Gemara with real confidence or exploring mussar in a way that leaves you feeling empowered to make real changes, improving your life daily? That’s exactly what Kollel Eitz Pri is all about.


Our Rabbonim

Rabbi Ruvein Katz

Rabbi Ruvein Katz learned in the Mirrer Yeshiva and is originally from Kansas City. He has taught and developed young students for over 10 years. In 2017 he started the Academy of Life Training (ALT) Kiruv program and helped run the jInternship program for 7 years. In addition to learning b'chevrusa with alumni from the ALT program through Olami Together, Ruvein helps avreichim in the kollel find ideal placements in chinuch positions across the globe.

Rabbi Peretz Segal

Rabbi Peretz (Perry) Segal learned in Yeshivas Mir and is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. He became a senior magid shiur and mashgiach in the Center Program, a division of Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem in 1998. He is a lecturer in Ner Leelef, Ohr LaGolah and the Jerusalem Kollel. Rav Segal has published “Vagueness Vanquished”, a sefer presenting a new and intriguing derech halimud for both the novice and expert talmid of Gemara.

Rabbi Chaim Gross

Rosh Hakollel
Rabbi Chaim Gross was born and raised in London, UK. He spent 16 years learning in Yeshivas Mir, under Rav Osher Arieli and Rav Yoel Rabin, and for the last 11 years has been giving shiur in the Center Program, Ohr Someyach. He received semicha from Rav Moshe Halbeshtam zts”l and has published השלחן והכלים on issur v’heter and נברך שאכלנו on zimun. He has also done extensive work in kiruv rechokim across the globe, for Ohr Someyach, ALT and FJL.


Our program

Weekly Shiur from
R' Shmuel Weiner

Rabbi Shmuel Weiner שליט"א - of ZNT, Toras Moshe and Aderes Hatorah - gives an engaging and relevant weekly halacha shiur. He also answers shaylos from current avreichim and graduates working around the world.

Monthly Stipend

A significant monthly stipend is available, with different payment structures in place. Monthly datot payments are also organized for avreichim.

Gemora lehalocha clarity

The kollel learns halacha be'iyun, working thoroughly all the way 'from pasuk to posek', with a really strong emphasis on comprehensive understanding at every stage of that process. There is also a stress on taking responsibility for remembering the material learned and being able to teach it over to others.

Binyan Haodom

Under Rabbi Segal's daily guidance, mussar comes to life in an authentic and real way. The avreichim find new paths and enthusiasm in avodas Hashem and become empowered to share that with other people.

Public speaking training

The kollel provides personal training for public speaking, which includes opportunities to practice with guided observation and detailed feedback.

Counselling & Life Coaching Training

Regular classes focus on life skills training, including learning the techniques of coaching.

Practical kiruv experience

Within the framework of the kollel, there are opportunities for significant hands-on kiruv experience, including running trips and learning one-on-one with students.

Weekly womens shiur

The weekly women's shiur aligns the couple's hashkafic development. This creates a dynamic of a family growing together, ready to go out and change Klal Yisrael.


What the Avreichim say

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What the wives say


Haskomas from Rabbonim

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R’ Shmuel Weiner shlita

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R’ Asher Weiss shlita


Our alumni around the world

Yaacov and Chavi Frankel
Boston Massachusetts (Brandeis University)

Yonatan and Dina Banai
Pao Alto California (University of Cal Berkeley, Stanford) 

Chaim and Rachelli Eisenberger
Phoenix Arizona (Arizona State University)

Binyamin and Rikki Bamberger
Gainesville Florida (University of Florida)

Menashe and Shayna Malka Uhr
Jacksonville Florida (Jacksonville Community Kollel) 

Mendy and Gitty Klahr
Detroit Michigan (University of Michigan) 

Eli and Teri Friedlander
Highland Park New Jersey (Rutgers, NYU)

Zach and Russie Horwitz
Manhattan New York (Columbia University)

Ahseph and Miriam Weiss
Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University) 

Chaim and Michal Lehrer
Birmingham UK (Birmingham University) 

Yanky and Malkie Davis
London UK (Aish UK)

Jonny and Elisheva Newman
Cambridge UK (Cambridge University) 

Menachem and Elisheva Flom
Tampa Florida (University of South Florida)

Elchanan and Rivka Gabay
Hale UK  

Yitzchok and Chana Gelman
Cordoba Argentina  

Yitzi and Ahuva Lebovics
Chicago Illinois  

Natan and Odaya Levin
Sandton Johannesburg South Africa

Zac and Gila Meltzer
Johannesburg South Africa  

Yaakov and Klara Spivak
Sao Palo Brazil 


Our graduates go on to excel in a wide variety of fields